Time for transition, reflection and self care:

As of October 15, 2020

I will not schedule new appointments for the rest of the year. 

This said though,

I am looking forward to being available again

to support you on your journey

at the beginning of 2021

with possibly some new offerings.

Thank you for understanding!

Initial Consultation (2hrs):         $145

During the initial consultation I will assess you from an ayurvedic point of view, including assessment of your tongue, nails and pulses. Ayurveda always looks at the whole person - body, mind and spirit. The main tools of Ayurveda are diet and lifestyle. According to your imbalances (vikriti), and keeping your natural constitution (prakriti) in mind, we will develop an ayurvedic protocol for you. If needed we will add herbs, certain oils, consider cleansing practices or other ayurvedic treatments like shirodhara.

Often I add Yoga practices like pranayama (breathing practices), mudra (hand postures) or asana (body postures) for your benefit.

Ayurveda is supporting your journey back to health as well as guiding you in staying balanced.

Please remember that this is a process and depending on your individual constitution and/or imbalances it is going to take time.

Also, after this initial visit you only will have follow ups which usually take an hour or less, depending on your needs.

Follow Up  (1 hr/30min):              $75/$37

During a follow up we will check in on how you are doing with integrating healthy changes into your daily life, if some problems have come up, if we need to adjust daily routines/herbs/diet. I will do another assessment, checking your tongue, nails and pulses.

You can schedule a follow up at any time, no matter how long it was since we last met.

If you need more time than one hour, $1/minute will be added to the charge of $75/follow up.

Abhyanga (1 hr):                              $75

Abhyanga is the application of oil to your body. In a quiet and relaxing atmosphere you will receive an oiling of your body with oils specific to your constitution and needs. It will take one hour. It is recommended to take it easy after that.

Shirodhara:                                       $90           

Shirodhara is the oiling of the forehead in the area of the 3rd eye with a constant stream of warm oil. The oil we use will be according to your constitution and needs. It will stream onto your forehead for 30min. Please calculate up to a full hour for it as you will need some time to ease into the day again. It is recommended to take it easy and not get on the computer of phone right away.

An extra bonus: You get to take the oil (about one quart) home and can use it for self-abhyanga!

Private Ayurveda-Yoga Therapy session (1 hr):       $75

During this session we will support your bodies healing with different tools of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Vedic Astrology Reading by Amit Garg:                    $108

Amit offers Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) consultations over the phone. He gives an overview of client's karmic journey, strengths, challenges and possible remedies for overcoming those challenges. He gives guidance on health, career, relationships and any other specific areas  the client is interested in.  How to reach him: illuminatelifetoday@gmail.com(858) 275-4954

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

If you need to cancel or reschedule please be so kind and do this 24hours ahead of your appointment. Thank you!

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