Cumin-Coriander-Fennel tea (CCF-tea):


This tea supports digestion. It is soothing and balancing to the whole digestive tract.


Take a teaspoon of each cumin, coriander and fennel (powder or better whole seeds), put in one quart of water bring to a boil, simmer for about 10min, then let stand for about 5min, strain and enjoy.


If you like you can add a little bit of spice by adding a few slices of fresh ginger root while you boil the tea. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, helps with breaking up ama (toxins), and increases metabolism in a gentle way. But it can increase Pitta.


You can get the ingredients in many health food stores or order them

online at or

Rejuvenating Ojas Drink:


1 handful whole, raw almonds

4 to 5 pitted dates

1 cup water, plus extra for soaking

1 cup organic (if possible) whole milk or almond milk

add a pinch of Cardamom, a pinch of saffron and a pinch of nutmeg


Soak almonds in water overnight (or throughout the day). Drain water and peel almonds in the morning/evening. The skins should slide right off. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Heat up on stove, then enjoy.

This is such a nourishing drink, especially good when in need of building immunity, strengthening/calming the nervous system, recovering from illness, etc.

One of my favorite summer drinks:

Hibiscus tea with peppermint leaves and lime juice:

Brew Hibiscus tea (get some teabags, pour hot water over them), let it cool down to room temperature

- add some fresh peppermint leaves and a bit of lime juice to your taste

- enjoy this cooling tea at room temperature (no ice added)

- this tea is calming for pitta and can be a great substitute for alcoholic beverages!